The company - HERR & POLITZ was founded on 11/20/1986. Purpose at that time was the regional completion of general civil engineering projects. By good contacts to the oil industry the country wide realization of gas stations, lorry and truck terminals and restaurants became quickly the core business.

The integration of the company "Müller Tankanlagen" in the year 1996 completes the companies` portfolio, so that all kinds of service stations for chemical and oil industry, as well as for food-processing enterprises can be projected and realized from one hand.

Beside this special segment of building industry in the last years trade planings, autohouses, housing estates, fast-food restaurants, washing plants as well as general buildings of trades, partially in European area, were successfully accomplished. The strengths of our company were and are flexibility, innovation and quality.

We intend to be for our clients loyal and reliable partners with the completion of their building projects.